The South Bank Lion

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The South Bank Lion | London Details.

(by Baldwin Hameynom de plume) On the south side of Westminster bridge stands a large stone lion, or so it seems, but it is not made of stone at all, but of Coade’s artificial stone. The process for the material was invented in the 1720s by Richard Holt who took out a patent in 1722. The exact composition of the material is not known, but the ingredients were finely ground, poured into a mould and then fired in a furnace, producing a very durable stone-like product…

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Headphone Hack

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Security Cam Tornado

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Washington Illinois Tornado

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Video by Marc Wells.

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Prancing in Slow-Mo

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Coplas a Mi Morena

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February Snow in Oklahoma City

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ScratchGate FirstWorldProblems

Here’s my new black iPhone 5 as it was delivered yesterday.
It’s like having Ferrari delivered, and even though it arrived in an enclosed trailer, it appears as though it was driven cross-country, and a rock chipped the fender. In my case, this one has a deep gouge in addition to the scratches found by many others around the web. This kind of damage definitely occurred during assembly.
#ScratchGate #ScuffGate #FirstWorldProblems #iPout #iSad

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Hold Your Head Upright!

August 19th, 2012 No comments

My hat!

Are many of your photos showing up in Windows with the wrong orientation? Here’s some help.

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Curiosity Gets Patched

August 13th, 2012 No comments

Interesting things going on 350 million miles away…  Read more…

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